Monday, July 14, 2008

Singing Psychic Says Andrew Jackson Killed JonBenet

DALLAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A Dallas-based medium has finally found JonBenet Ramsey’s killer and his name is Andrew Jackson.

Last week, new DNA evidence was discovered in JonBenet’s murder case, which exonerates the Ramsey Family from the crime.

Fran Baskerville, “The Singing Psychic,” has channeled the spirit of JonBenet and with her help has written a song that gives new clues about her mystery murderer.

According to Baskerville, JonBenet’s killer is a blue- eyed man named Andrew Jackson who’s 5-foot seven and lives in Boulder, Colorado.

JonBenet tells Baskerville that her killer is a pedophile who knew her from beauty pageants, but with the new DNA evidence, he’ll soon be found.

The lyrics in her song explain: JonBenet is looking down/ She’s looking to catch this pedophile/ ’Cause he does this all the time/ And never gets caught.

It goes on to say: She ain’t gonna let him hurt anyone no more/ Oh, oh yeah/ They’re gonna catch him soon/ Hey, hey JonBenet.

Baskerville says JonBenet wants her case to finally be settled and wants her killer behind bars.

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