Monday, July 7, 2008

Liberals Dream Of Magical, Eight-Foot-Tall Barack Obama

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – When liberals lay their heads down at night, some dream of a magical, eight-foot-tall Barack Obama.

Dream researcher Kelly Bulkeley has just penned American Dreamers (Beacon Press), a book about the things conservatives, liberals, and other Americans dream about in their sleep.

With the presidential election in full swing, Bulkeley says many liberals are dreaming about Barack Obama in all his glory.

He says liberals often dream of Obama as an “eight-foot- tall creature with a radiant smile and magical, fantasy-like qualities.”

This represents the “magical idealism” Obama stands for.

Bulkeley says liberals tend to doze off into strange dreams about zombies, flying, and fantasy, which reflects their creativity and ability to look at alternative methods to solve problems.

However, it’s conservatives who are getting the better night sleep.

Their dreams are filled with elements of personal strength, grounded, clear views and generally focus around some sort of moral issue.

Across party lines, Bulkeley says all Americans are in some way dreaming about environmental issues, evident through elements in dreams like animals and water.

American Dreamers hits shelves this Friday (Jul. 11).

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