Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cars Get Real Horse Power

DUBAI (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A driven inventor in Dubai has taken the term horse power to the next level.

Hadi Mirhejazi has been horsing around for the last 27 months masterminding an eco-friendly automobile, and now is unveiling the Naturmobil, a vehicle powered by a living horse.

The horse walks on a treadmill within the clear, plastic vehicle, and sends the car galloping up to 43 mph.

Mirhejazi says he worked tirelessly on his invention, finding little time for lunch or washing his hands, and dealt with nagging skeptics.

He explains, “My father would say, ‘Don’t waste your time and money. It will not work,’ but I continued. When it started to work, my father was really surprised, and I was happy.”

With the Naturmobil, Mirhejazi hopes to encourage people to think seriously about the environment, and can picture the horse- powered machine on the streets someday.

He says, “It could work for a smaller village with straight streets. It can’t compare with a car though. They have 40 horse power. This only has one.”

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