Thursday, May 1, 2008

‘Avoritas’ Will Flow On Cinco De Mayo (May 5)

IRVINE, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Lots of people enjoy avocado with chips on Cinco de Mayo (May 5) – and avocado on the rocks!

Believe it or not, some boozehounds swear by an avocado alcoholic beverage known as the “Avorita,” which combines two avocados with six ounces of tequila, lime juice, sugar, Triple Sec, and crushed ice in a blender.

The result is a refreshingly sweet, green, avocado margarita.

Looking at the concoction may make you turn green, but the California Avocado Commission (CAC) says avocados are used in all kinds of drinks in Mexico – not just in your typical guacamole.

To celebrate Mexico’s special day, the CAC urges people to drink the Avorita on Cinco de Mayo at a fiesta with their amigos.

The authentic cocktail can be sipped on while eating guacamole, because, according to the CAC, “The more avocados in your life the better!”

And the avocado overdose makes perfect sense.

Cinco de Mayo is one of the biggest days of the year for U.S. avocado sales and consumption. About 53.9 million pounds of avocado will be used that day.

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