Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Silence Is So Romantic

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Zipping your lips can help you find love.

Silence is golden at Quiet Parties, which are get-togethers held in various cities where singles mingle without ever uttering a word.

Guests are provided with paper and pens they use to write notes, but are forbidden to speak, and according to event creator Paul Rebhan, it’s a welcome change from the yelling, cell phones, and blasting music at typical bars.

He says, “New York City, where we started, is such a noisy place. We wanted a place where people didn’t have to shout to socialize. People do a self-enforcement, and if someone starts giggling, the rest of the crowd gives them a long, ‘Shhh!’”

The event has sparked many romances since its inception in 2002, which Rebhan attributes to the traditional courting style Quiet Parties are compared to.

But there is one downfall to silent dating.

Rebhan says, “You might find a good looking guy, but after the party he might sound like Mickey Mouse.

The next Quiet Party is tomorrow (Apr. 16) at Madame X in New York.

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