Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Zombie Artist Dubs Kiddie Subjects The Creepiest

SUDBURY, Ontario (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An artist in Sudbury, Ontario, is making a living coloring people dead.

Rob Sacchetto is a zombie portrait painter, who, for $80 a pop, can turn even the prettiest princess into a creepy, bloody zombie.

Those who wish to be “zombified” send Sacchetto a clear picture of themselves, and about six hours and tons of blood, boils, and maggots later, they’re the living dead.

Sacchetto says there’s no face he can’t zombify, and admits that good looking people are the most fun to paint, since, in his words, “The prettier the face, the uglier the zombie!”

But certain sweet subjects really freak Sacchetto out.

Once in a while, he’ll get requests to zombify entire family portraits, including the babies and kids in the picture, and Sacchetto admits the kiddie zombies give him the chills.

He says, “Zombifying kids is totally bizarre. Making babies into zombies creeps me out. They have broader skulls, larger eyeholes, and no teeth, so they make crazy zombies. Parents like to put their zombie family portrait on their mantle for everyone to see, which is even weirder.”

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