Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Photographer Experiences Freaky ‘Encounters’

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One photog’s daring paranormal assignment got downright freaky in a flash.

In 2006, renowned Rolling Stone and Esquire photographer Matt Hoyle and his wife took a road trip across America to photograph everyday people who had experienced strange paranormal encounters.

Hoyle compiled the stories and pictures from his travels in his new book Encounters With The Strange And Paranormal (Andrew McMeel Publishing).

Besides photographing people who claimed they had encounters with Bigfoot, the Mothman, UFOs, and ghosts, Hoyle – a self-proclaimed cynic – had one terrifying experience during the trip that remains inexplicable to this day.

Hoyle and his wife stayed at a vacant, haunted mansion in New Orleans and in the middle of the night, Hoyle awoke to the sound of voices arguing, although the mansion was empty.

He opened his eyes and saw a golden orb floating in the room.

Hoyle explains, “The orb started violently shaking and making noise, and I tried to wake my wife up. When my wife rolled over, she was asleep and smiling, but it wasn’t her face. It was some scary face I didn’t recognize. It was so freaky!”

And the weird occurrences didn’t stop there.

Strangely enough, Hoyle’s sturdy camera and computer equipment mysteriously broke during his trip. A few weeks after the trip, his equipment began working just fine.

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