Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Biological Warfare Attack Set To Hit Philly In May

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One New York-based Biblical scholar believes the City of Brotherly Love may be in for a horrific biological attack.

A Bible code expert known as Pastor Harry claims he’s uncovered a secret, scary code in the Bible that warns of an impending terrorist attack on the city of Philadelphia that will happen in May 2008 involving “biological warfare.”

He claims the attack will be set off by terrorist missiles transporting Ebola-filled biological warheads that will contaminate Philly and send America into full-blown panic and terror.

The Ebola attack will be so horrific and deadly that Pastor Harry fears it will “change the world forever,” and could even spark World War III.

The code warns that President Bush’s response to the attack will be to blame Iran, which will lead to more war, fighting, and destruction.

To make things even worse, the code warns that Miami will be attacked as a “secondary target,” and the terrorists may use blackouts to set off mass panic in the cities.

Pastor Harry believes spreading the word about the attack is crucial to preventing it so it’s not a repeat of 9/11.

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