Monday, March 10, 2008

Flamboyant ‘Idol’ Cast-Off Acquires Dedicated Fanbase

AZUZA, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Being different has earned American Idol cast-off Danny Noriega a legion of adoring fans.

Noriega – who was kicked off Idol just shy of making the “Top 12” last Thursday (Mar. 6) – says he’s thrilled with the hundreds of fan letters he’s received from kids who look up to him for being “different.”

Known for his flamboyant, sassy, over-the-top personality, Noriega says he was determined to stay true to himself on Idol, whether people liked it or not.

He says, “I needed to be myself. Some people liked me and some didn’t. But I’ve loved getting fanmail from little kids who admire me for being myself. I’m happy to show people that you can be successful despite your differences, whether it’s sexuality, race, or whatever.”

And while Noriega held his own against the constantly negative critiques of Simon Cowell, his intentions were never to be disrespectful to Cowell.

Noriega says, “I was always joking with Simon. It wasn’t like I was going to beat him up after the show or anything. He expected me to be sarcastic. That’s why he laughed every time I talked back to him!”

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