Monday, March 3, 2008

Emperor Of The U.S. Plots Explosive Presidential Plan

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A man who claims to be the “Emperor of the U.S.” wants to blow away the competition for the White House.

He calls himself “Caesar St. Augustine de Buonaparte,” and his political crusade began in 1996, when, after declaring war on the U.S. during a public access TV show, he crowned himself Emperor of the U.S.

Buonaparte’s activism has alerted cops and authorities in Los Angeles, who he claims have confiscated his important documents and even his cars, but it’s not stopping him from using tactics to make a push for the Presidency.

Buonaparte – who claims he predicted the 9/11 terrorist attacks – says, “There’s going to be a biological attack. But I won’t release those details until the people elect me president.”

The Emperor, however, remains realistic about his White House bid.

He says, “I don’t have a chance. If I was given the attention the media gives to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, I’d win hands down. I know how to solve the country’s problems, and these a jerk idiots don’t!”

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