Monday, February 4, 2008

God Is A New York Lawyer

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An attorney in New York not only believes he’s God, but he’ll pay you big bucks to prove him wrong.

For $1 million, Dr. Mac Truong is offering the chance to meet and shake hands with God, which is easier than it sounds, because he believes he’s actually the Almighty.

According to Dr. Truong, when he changed his name 40 years ago from Huu – an ancient Vietnamese name for God – to Mac, he effectively became God.

Dr. Truong says, “There are quite a few Vietnamese people named Huu, but they have to change their name and wait for it to become ancient before they can become God. And it can’t be done intentionally. When I changed my name, I didn’t know I was making an ancient prophecy a reality. And if God made everyone in his image, how can you say I’m not God?”

While Dr. Truong faces jail time if he accepts $1 million under fraudulent circumstances, he isn’t worried about being sent to the slammer.

He says, “I’m willing to pay $1 billion if you can prove I’m not God. But nobody can prove it! I am God!”

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