Friday, January 11, 2008

Bob Saget Is No Trivia Titan

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – When it comes to answering trivia on the spot, Bob Saget admits he’s no trivia titan.

Saget – of Full House fame – is currently host of the trivia-based gameshow 1 vs. 100, where players must answer trivia questions while going head-to-head against a “mob” of 100 other players.

And while Saget says he’s familiar with question-answer games like Trivial Pursuit, he wouldn’t exactly be a trivia titan if he competed on his own gameshow.

Saget explains, “No matter what game I’m playing or what questions I’m asked, I always get a deer-in-the- headlights look on my face when it comes time to answer. I have a horrible poker face, so I’d panic a little up there. I don’t think I’m cool EVER, so I certainly wouldn’t be cool competing up there.”

Saget says the lights, cameras, mob, and overall intense vibe on the “Battlestar Galactica-style” stage of 1 vs. 100 would add to his unsuccessful stint as a contestant.

But if he plays at home, he can score a few points.

Saget says, “If I’m watching the show laying on the couch and not moving at all, I can probably be lucid enough to answer a few questions right. I just can’t be standing up!”

1 vs. 100 airs Friday nights on NBC.

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