Friday, December 14, 2007

Santa Claus Is Satanic, Turns Christians Into Cowards

BUFFALO, N.Y. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Jolly old St. Nick may actually be Satan in disguise.

That’s according to a New York-based Biblical scholar known as Pastor Harry, who says Santa Claus is the biggest, cruelest lie on Earth, and was actually created by Satan himself to undermine and destroy Christianity.

Pastor Harry says parents who tell their children that Santa is real are perpetuating a “vicious and disgusting lie” that could end up scarring their kids for life and ruining parents’ credibility.

He says, “Kids can’t understand why their parents have been lying about Santa to them, and begin to question faith in general. If parents lie to their kids about Santa, why should kid’s believe their parents about Jesus?

And kids aren’t the only ones affected by the evil, Satanic forces of Santa.

In fact, Pastor Harry says Santa is directly responsible for making Christians “pathetic cowards.”

Pastor Harry says the lie of Santa is so widely accepted by Christian pastors that they’re afraid to speak out against it for fear of losing support from their congregations.

But Pastor Harry challenges every pastor in America – especially Rick Warren – to stop lying about Santa and finally tell kids the truth this Christmas.

He adds, “Santa needs to be exposed. If I could, I’d burn a 20-foot Santa on my lawn to get my point across.”

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