Friday, November 16, 2007

Teenage Girls Love Sebastian Bach

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One wild 80s rocker is still making teenage girls scream – but for a different reason.

Sebastian Bach – best known as the frontman for 80s rockers Skid Row – is releasing his latest album, Angel Down, on November 20, but these days, Bach – who has starred on Gilmore Girls and as a contestant this past summer on MTV’s Celebrity Rap Superstar – is getting recognized by a whole new flock of fans.

Bach says “If it’s a young girl, she usually knows me from Gilmore Girls. If it’s a long-haired, Jeff Spicoli type guy, it’s usually from Skid Row. And if it’s a black person, it’s definitely from Celebrity Rap Superstar.

But even with Bach’s small-screen celebrity, the metal man still has some pop-culture parameters.

He says, “I turned down The Surreal Life so many times.”

And Bach’s fame doesn’t come for free – even to his son and his pint-sized pals.

Skid Row’s song “18 and Life,” is featured in the 80s edition of the Guitar Hero video game, but Bach isn’t giving any free shows at home.

He says, “I’ll sing for them if they’ve got $3,000!”

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