Thursday, October 11, 2007

High-Strung Holiday Is A Real Scream

MANHEIM, Penn. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The screaming secret behind one high-strung holiday is that it may just save your life.

Tomorrow (Oct. 12) is International Moment of Frustration Day, and perpetually pissed-off people are urged to step outside at noon and scream their high-strung heads off.

And according to holiday founder Tom Roy, airing out your anger isn’t just a silly stress solution.

Roy says, “We’re told so much these days to control our emotions that we end up with ulcers and heart attacks. We ought to just let it out sometimes.”

And while doctors and business big-wigs may operate with dangerous daily doses of stress, there are some smaller sources that make Roy want to scream.

Roy says, “I work at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. We’re just sending kids home from a school visit, so I’d have to say 7th grade teacher is the most frustrating job.”

And his Renaissance gig adds another frustrating factor to Roy’s rage release.

He says instead of cursing, “I find myself yelling, ‘By the Gods!’”

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