Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Paranormal Pros School Amateur Ghostbusters

ST. LOUIS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Amateur ghostbusters in St. Louis will soon be hitting the books and learning the art of spirit hunting from paranormal professionals.

Paranormal investigator Greg Myers – who runs the ghost hunter website – will be teaching a workshop on October 12-13 at Southeast Missouri State University called Ghost Hunting 101, where the syllabus calls for cameras, recorders, and an appetite for apparitions.

Says Myers: “We’ll be teaching the basics of ghost hunting theory and classification, and investigative processes and techniques. We’re teaching people to eliminate logical explanations first before going after ghosts.”

For those trying to rid a pesky poltergeist from their home, Myers advises they call a priest to exorcise any spirits.

But if you’re willing to try the ghostbusting yourself, Myers says it’s as easy as checking a calendar.

He says, “Sometimes, if you just say out loud what day and year it is, a spirit won’t realize it’s been there, and will leave on its own.”

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