Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Halloween Sweets Have Kids Seeing Dead People

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Stuffing your face with sweets this Halloween can have some ghostly repercussions.

That’s the scary truth from Los Angeles-based spiritual medium Debra Campbell, who says super sugary candy and energy drinks, like Pixie Stix, Lemonheads, and Red Bull, increase people’s physical energy, making them spookily susceptible to ghosts.

And according to Campbell, candy-fueled kiddies are even bigger targets for a creepy encounter.

She says, “Spirits are already drawn to children because they have a lot of energy. But hyped up on candy, they become even more open to the spirit world and can even see spirits.”

Campbell says the spook-filled sugar high can last as long as the person is hopped up on sweets, so parents should try and limit their tyke’s treat consumption to keep them from seeing dead people.

But Campbell assures children that ghosts are nothing to fear.

She says, “Everywhere we go there are spirits. Seeing spirits is natural. We should become more acceptable of our non- living friends.”

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