Friday, September 21, 2007

Verdict’s In: O.J. Simpson Is A Dumbass

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – O.J. Simpson may be shocking the world with his latest, highly-publicized legal drama, but a man who once worked with Simpson on a TV project isn’t the least bit surprised by The Juice’s actions.

Harmon Leon is a self-proclaimed “infiltrative journalist” who worked with O.J. for two weeks back in 2004 on a hidden camera prank show titled Juiced.

Based on his time with the former football star, Leon isn’t surprised at Simpson’s “shady” Las Vegas robbery attempt, or his movement back into the spotlight.

Says Leon: “There were tons of jaw-dropping moments while we filmed Juiced that made me realize how much O.J. craves attention and fame. He wants to be the old O.J. – the one on every newspaper cover in the world, all the time.”

Leon says during the so-called candid comedy show, O.J. “wasn’t really funny” but loved the idea of being filmed doing ridiculous things like dressing up as a fake car salesman and trying sell his infamous white Ford Bronco to unsuspecting people.

And while the cameras are rolling on O.J. once again, Leon doesn’t think the limelight will pay off for him this time.

Leon adds, “He already got away with murder once. It’s finally time to get busted for something.”

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