Thursday, September 13, 2007

Big Whopping Liars Get A Chance To Strut Their Stuff

NEW HARMONY, Ind. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Stretching the truth isn’t shocking for one Indiana town.

The 19th Annual Big Whopping Liar Contest is being held this Saturday (Sept. 15) in New Harmony, Indiana, and the fibbers are getting fit to lie through their teeth.

The conniving contestants have 10 minutes to tell their best lies, and usually prepare up to six months in advance for the competition.

And according to coordinator Jeff Fleming, most of the flying fibs have some grain of truth in them, but get stretched to preposterous proportions.

But Fleming – who has been fibbing since the fourth grade – says the contest isn’t just about being a convincing liar, but also about “the art of telling stories.”

But for some contestants, the truth can be hard to handle.

Fleming says that out of the 20 contestants that sign up, “only 15 will show, because five lied about being there!”

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