Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Poop Expert Ponders: ‘What Shat That?’

BRIGHTON, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An author in Brighton, England, is bringing excitement to excrement by pondering the possibilities of poo.

That’s the straight poop from Matt Pagett, who has just penned a crappy book, titled, What Shat That? A Pocket Guide To Poop Identity (Ten Speed Press), which shoots the sht about – well, sht.

The guide – which boasts bountiful scientific facts about animal poo, including animals’ diets, dung descriptions, and crap locations – is the perfect stool tool for nature lovers, and Pagett says everyone will learn something surprising – and fabulous – about feces.

Says Pagett: “You can admire how beautiful wombat poop is, learn how much moose poo is adored by Alaskans, and how unmistakable horse and elephant turds are. It’s quite helpful.”

But it was during poop patrol for the book – which included going to zoos to examine gecko and snake droppings, and online research on what Pagett dubs, “Poo-gle” and “Sht-ipedia” – when Pagett discovered the most unforgettable poo pointers.

He explains, “Bear poop is good to throw during a poo fight because it can really inflict some injury. Also, the more meat in an animal’s diet, the runnier the poo, the bigger the mess!”

What Shat That? is stinkin’ up shelves now.

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