Monday, August 6, 2007

Nipple Artist Makes Women Confident Again

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A permanent makeup artist in New York is helping breast cancer survivors regain their confidence through tattoos.

Melany Whitney is an artist who specializes in “areola restoration” makeup, where she tattoos textured, realistic- looking nipples for breast cancer survivors who have lost theirs to surgical treatments.

To create her “mini masterpieces,” Whitney adds special colors and shadows while tattooing, which gives the nipples a protruding, three-dimensional, realistic look.

Whitney’s nipple art takes about two hours per client to complete, but her canvas still requires lots of attention.

She explains, “Skin is always a difficult canvas to work on, especially if your dealing with breasts that have been through cancer treatments that leave scars, bumps, and very thin, radiated skin behind. You don’t want to hurt the area, because your canvas talks back!”

But although the process takes a lot of patience, it’s all worth it for Whitney, especially when she sees her clients’ reactions.

Whitney says, “My first breasts I ever did made my client so happy, she cried, which made me cry! Her husband called me that night, mortified because she had invited her friends and family to their house, and was walking around topless, showing off her new nipples. She had her confidence back, and I was so happy for her.”

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