Tuesday, July 3, 2007

M&M-Loving Couple Eat Each Others Words

PHILADELPHIA (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Putting words in your partner’s mouth is usually a bad thing – even if the words have chocolate inside.

Candy lover Ryan Donlon took a vow of silence with his fiance last Tuesday (June 26), and the two are receiving $1,000 a day for a month by only communicating with each other by using M&M’s candies with imprinted sayings on them.

Donlon says keeping his mouth shut hasn’t been so sweet, especially since expressing anger during he and his fiance’s silent streak can only be done by handing one another red M&Ms with angry words written on them.

Donlon says, “Sometimes the silence feels so deadly, we can’t even make eye contact, and I think she’s mad at me but she’s not.”

But the colorful contest also takes eating each others words to a new level when their friends visit them and start snacking on their only their form of communication.

Says Donlon, “I tell them, ‘Hey, you’ve got to stop!’ I have to protect what I’ve got. I only have 15 of certain words left because they keep getting eaten by people.”

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