Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tabloids Lie About Celebrity Cellulite

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Tabloids love printing unflattering pictures of stars and their dimply cellulite problem areas, but one cellulite doctor says celeb dimples are perfectly healthy.

That’s the scoop from Dr. Lionel Bissoon, a mesotherapy cellulite expert and author of The Cellulite Cure (Meso Press), who says most stars actually have normal, “functional cellulite” in photos that tabloids deem unhealthy.

Says Bissoon: “Magazines choose to print pictures of celebrities in awkward positions where their legs are moving, walking, twisting or turning. One leg will appear to have cellulite because the muscles are contracting during their movement. This is where functional cellulite dimples form, which is perfectly normal, celebrity or not.”

Bissoon says another unglamorous tabloid trick is printing photos of celebs sitting down with their legs crossed, which usually causes dimples to form on the thigh due to the squeezing of the muscle.

Bissoon adds, “This isn’t real, problematic cellulite, it’s just portrayed that way by the media. Most celebs are healthy and shouldn’t be scrutinized for having functional cellulite, especially when 90 percent of women everywhere suffer from the same thing.”

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