Tuesday, May 15, 2007

‘I Can’t Hear You, We’re Breaking Up’ Takes On New Meaning

IRVINE, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Breaking up is hard to do, but a new technology may ease your stress by saving you from dumping your lover face-to-face.

“DitchMail,” is a free cell-phone feature that allows shy wanna-be singles to replace their regular voicemail greeting with a pre-recorded “ditch message” designed to dump their sweeties for them.

Ken Brickley, who markets the ditching device, says some of the messages are as simple as tones that tell the caller that the number is disconnected so that your wannabe flame will catch the drift.

Brickley says the sneaky service was originally designed to fend off telemarketers but has since become popular with a younger crowd – particularly college women.

Says Brickley, “It’s for when you wake up Saturday morning, look at your phone and say, ‘Who’s Bob?’ Then when Bob keeps calling, we come in to help you. It works because breaking up in a text message is so yesterday.”

But it’s not just college kids using the service to ditch one-night-stand “clingers.” In fact, Brickley says lately Ditchmail has become the ultimate “Ex-wife tool.”

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