Friday, May 11, 2007

Celebrity Fit Club’ Host Doesn’t Accept Bribes From Stars

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Resident host of Celebrity Fit Club, Anthony “ANT” Kalloniatis will do anything it takes to help celebs stick to their diets – and he’s not accepting bribes of any kind.

ANT – best known for competing in the second season of Last Comic Standing – says he’s never been one to sneak snacks to celebs on the show who want to cheat on their diets.

Says ANT: “They’ve tried to bribe me to give them junk to eat but I NEVER cave in. I’ll tell their trainer [Harvey Walden] on them too, because they need to stick to their diets.”

But while ANT provides as much diet support as possible for the stars, there are times when even he can’t stop them from stuffing their faces.

He explains, “There’s a snack table on the set for the production guys that I sometimes catch stars drooling over. They want to eat a slice of pizza but I chime in ‘Don’t do it!’ Two seconds on the lips isn’t worth a year on the hips!”

But ANT’S warnings aren’t always well-received by hungry celebs.

He adds, “I’ve been assaulted over a cupcake before. It was scary.”

Celebrity Fit Club 5: Men Vs. Women airs Sundays.

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