Friday, May 4, 2007

Beer Flavored Tortilla Chips Brewing For Cinco De Mayo

TECATE, Mexico (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A Cinco De Mayo (May 5) fiesta wouldn’t be complete without chips and cerveza, but now both items are being combined into one tasty snack.

Cerveza Modo – a brewing company in Tecate, Mexico – has just created “Cerveza Chanquito Chips,” which are special beer-flavored tortilla chips.

The gourmet chips are baked using organic ingredients and Cerveza Modo, which has hints of tequila in it that give the chips an authentic flavor.

The cerveza chips are currently being marketed to restaurants, but spokesman Richard Davis insists the chips are great for the average amigo.

Says Davis: “They’re good with guacamole and while you’re drinking a beer or margarita. The cerveza taste of the chips is distinct, but won’t overpower your cocktail.”

Davis also claims the chips are perfect for those who don’t drink booze, but still enjoy the taste of beer, as the actual alcohol content of the beer is baked out of the chips, leaving just the flavor.

He jokes, “There’s no way you can become an alcoholic from these cerveza chips!”

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