Friday, December 8, 2006

Rapper 50 Cent Gets Called Out By YouTube Musician

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One musician may be getting thousands of hits on for his song, “50 Cent Is A Pussy,” but he hopes the rapper doesn’t kick his ass.

Pete Shukoff is the creator of the Cents-less song, which includes lyrics like He got shot nine times, you better learn how to duck bch, and, of course, the catchy chorus, 50 Cent is a pussy.

Shukoff says he wrote the tune because he’s fed up with all the rapper’s exposure.

Says Shukoff: “He [50 Cent] works hard but I was annoyed that other rappers who work just as hard weren’t getting any play, so I wrote a satirical song about him.”

Shukoff’s slam is becoming a YouTube sensation but he hopes 50 Cent hasn’t downloaded it yet.

He says, “It started as a joke and if I knew it would get big I wouldn’t have been so hurtful. I don’t want anyone capping or popping me due to the song.”

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