Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Nothing Says Divorce Like A Message On A Plant

SPOKANE, Wash. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If plants could talk they might say something surprising: “Divorce Me.”

That’s because Miracle Products, a company in Spokane, Washington, has developed the “Amazing Message Plant,” which blossoms to reveal personalized messages.

Company spokesman David Spector says any messages with up to 20 characters can be embedded into the plants but the secret of the wordy foliage can’t be revealed.

Says Spector: “The messages are put into the plant and appear after about 10 days of germination on the plant’s leaves.”

The message plants have been used to send holiday greetings or marriage proposals, but perhaps the strangest greeting anyone has ever sent on a plant is the simple message: “Divorce Me.”

Says Spector: “Although 95 percent of the message plants send friendly messages to people, we do get some weird message requests. The ‘Divorce Me’ message was the weirdest.”

Spector suggests that if people send “Divorce Me” messages through the plants they must strategize before the plant blossoms.

He says, “Since the plant takes a while to blossom, I suggest spouses freeze their bank accounts and run away before their partner sees the plant proposition.”

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