Thursday, November 30, 2006

Palm Reading Unveils If You’re A Cheapskate This Holiday Season

BURNABY, British Columbia (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – You’ve got to give palm reader Kenneth Lagerstrom a hand: He’s figured out how to tell if someone is going to be a cheapskate at Christmas just by looking at the hand they write with.

For example, Lagerstrom says a close and tight space between the middle and ring fingers indicates someone who is tight with their money, especially during Christmas.

Meanwhile, a person with a wide space between their middle and ring fingers is generous and potentially careless with money.

On the other hand, shorter, stubbier fingers mean someone likes to make gifts rather than buy them while an indented, hollow center in the middle of a palm is a sign of an unhappy person who doesn’t enjoy the holidays.

Finally, if you see someone with yellow lines on their palms, it’s best to give them the finger: They’re probably someone who doesn’t get into the holiday spirit.

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