Thursday, November 16, 2006

No Dead Extras Allowed In ‘ER’s’ Cafeteria

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – After playing a nurse on ER for 13 seasons, Yvette Freeman has seen her share of blood and guts – but that doesn’t mean she can stomach it.

The actress says the show continues to push the boundaries of television because, unlike other medical shows, it “does everything right” and doesn’t “fluff it up” in the emergency room.

This accuracy can make for some squeamish moments on the set and Freeman admits she’s had to turn her head away on more than one occasion.

Says Freeman: “They used to pull the camera away, but now they can make the heart beat and give birth – during the baby shots you can’t even tell it’s a doll when you’re on the set – they make it so precise.”

She says the medical makeup is so realistic that the actors who are portraying the E.R. patients have to eat lunch in a different room.

As she puts it, “We don’t let them eat with us – we don’t want to see that since the effects are so good. Occasionally, there will be some walking wounded floating around the cafeteria but they usually go eat somewhere else.”

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