Friday, November 3, 2006

Bald Is Beautiful For Dr. Keith Ablow

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Daytime TV shrink Dr. Keith Ablow doesn’t mind being follically challenged.

In fact, he thinks bald is beautiful.

Ablow says he’s been balding “for some time” but says even when the hair started falling out, he was “still able to score dates with the ladies.”

Says Ablow: “Believe me, being bald hasn’t diminished any passion in my life. I work it with my baldness.”

Although he’s proud of his bald head, Ablow admits that if there were a “magical procedure” to cure baldness, he would try it out.

He adds, “I’d definitely get my hair back but I think I might miss my baldness.”

Ablow will put his bald is beautiful belief to the today (Nov. 3) when the models from Deal Or No Deal join him on his talk show to explore the topic, “Are bald men sexy?”

Says Ablow: “I’ll be trying different hair pieces and testing out Dr. Phil’s part-hair, part-mustache look on my head in hopes of a pro-bald verdict.”

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