Thursday, July 6, 2006

Man Offering $25,000 If You’ll Change His Name

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – How’d you like to earn a quick $25 grand?

You can if you can help a New York millionaire come up with a new name.

Aaron Landau Schwarz has wanted to change his name for years, but now he’s making it official by holding a contest to find the new moniker.

Folks can log onto to suggest names that are suitable for Schwarz’ burgeoning career as an internet entrepreneur and drummer-turned-music industry mogul.

Schwarz will select ten names and let the public decide which one fits him best. So far, front-runners include “Shamalama Dingdong,” “Lord Xenu” and “Aristotle Hilton.”

He’s also considering “Mohammad Al-Zaquari,” since the terrorist leader “probably won’t have much use for it.”

However, some names are already out of the running, such as “Max Power,” “Jesus Christ,” and “Haywood Jablome.”

The person who submits the winning name recieves the $25,000 and an invitation to accompany Schwarz to city hall when he files his application for a permanent name change.

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