Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Getting Dumped Has Its Perks For One Man On The Rebound

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – What’s in a name? How about a free plane ticket to Barcelona, Spain.

That’s what a Chicago businessman named Scott Tucker is offering to a lucky woman who has the same name as his cheating ex-girlfriend.

It seems the gal dumped him a month ago before he had a chance to whisk her to Spain. So, the 33-year-old is launching an internet search to find a woman with the same name willing to take the trip with him.

Tucker is taking off on July 30 and has set up a website, www.freetriptobarcelona.com, where women can sign up to be considered.

The lucky lady chosen to accompany him will be the one who most closely matches the legal name of his cheating gal pal. However, he’s not revealing the name publicly in order to weed out fakes.

As Tucker puts it, “My ex’s name is fairly common, so I should get some matches” – and some sweet revenge.

Although Tucker insists the trip is platonic, he admits he wouldn’t mind a love connection as well.

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