Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Babe Ruth Refuses To Take Swing At Barry Bonds

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Barry Bonds is about to overtake Babe Ruth as the No. 2 home run hitter of all time, but you won’t see the Sultan of Swat taking any swings at the controversial baseball giant.

San Diego-based spiritual medium Dr. James Capers claims the Babe recently spoke from beyond the grave about Bonds and says the Bambino has no problem with Bonds beating his record.

According to Capers, Ruth loves people to “reach beyond their fullest extent” and says the controversy over Bonds’ supposed steroid use stems simply from people who “don’t like records to be broken.”

Although Ruth reportedly feels Bonds has “self esteem issues,” he figures it’s partially because “it’s hard to fill the shoes of people’s expectations.”

Capers has also analyzed Bonds’ aura and says the slugger derives his hitting prowess partly from “planetary energy below his feet” and from the competitive edge he derives from his detractors.

Still, Ruth advises Bonds to enjoy this stage of his career “and not push people away” – and to “get some training in public relations.”

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