Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Austin Music Festival Gone To The Dogs

AUSTIN, Tex. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Organizers of a new kind of music festival are trying to change the popular musical question to “Who Let The Dogs In?”

The funny thing is, most of us won’t be able to hear it.

It’s pitched as the world’s first “Canine Concert” and organizers from Austin, Tex.’ Munrab Entertainment like to call it a “festival for the ENTIRE family, pets included.”

Spokesperson Jonathan Small says the festival band is “trying to mix both original songs and sounds with the kind of music people tell us their dogs like to hear.”

According to Small, the festival will have some music for people, but a number of songs won’t be audible to the human ear – though they’ll still be played in familiar styles.

Small adds, “For instance, my dog loves country, but according to others who’ve submitted suggestions to our website, a lot of dogs like classical. We’ll be playing a mix at the concert.”

The K9 concert, which takes place Tues. May 9 at Wooldridge Square in Austin, Texas, is still taking set list suggestions online at www.canineconcert.com.

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