Monday, March 13, 2006

Will Explorers Go Nuts For Kangaroo Balls?

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The thought of eating kangaroo balls or bovine penises might make you a little testy, but a group of explorers will be going nuts for them come Saturday night (Mar. 18).

That’s when the members of the Explorers Club are meeting in New York for their annual dinner, which is renowned for having truly exotic fare.

This year, the stomach-churning delicacies include “Kangaroo Balls Bourguignon” and “Sweet And Sour Bovine Penis,” plus some less ballsy menu items like “Tibetan Yak Loaf” and “Pickled Duck Tongue.”

Explorers Club president Richard Wiese admits not all dishes are as appetizing as they sound, but says the organization attracts people who are into trying new things.

It may be hard to imagine “Tempura Battered Tarantula” making its way to a chain restaurant, but Wiese says “never say never.”

As he puts it, “There’s a growing number of people who are sick of processed food and are looking for more authentic dining experiences.”

Plus, he adds, “Many of the items found at the average Japanese restaurant would have been considered exotic ten years ago.”

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