Wednesday, February 22, 2006

‘Bumfights’ Producer Bummed He’s No Longer Pals With Fighting Bums

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It’s a real bummer but the man behind a DVD where winos and bums beat themselves and each other silly no longer hangs out with his homeless “friends.”

Ryan McPherson, who co-produced the infamous documentary, Bumfights: A Cause for Concern, says that the featured bums, Rufus Hannah and Donald Brennan, have filed a civil suit against him and the other producers that goes to trial in April.

Despite that, McPherson is glad that Rufus “the Stunt Bum,” has quit drinking, but says he’s heard that Brennan is still bummin’ around La Mesa, California, the town where some of the infamous footage was shot.

Producers were arrested on felony charges of battery and soliciting a felony, but all the charges were dismissed due to lack of sufficient evidence.

McPherson pled guilty to misdemeanor charges of conspiracy to stage an illegal fight and was sentenced to 280 hours of community service working with, strangely enough, the homeless.

These days, McPherson no longer films homeless bums pulling out their own teeth or ramming their heads into fast food signs. Instead, he’s working for a clothing line and record label based in Las Vegas.

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