Tuesday, January 10, 2006

‘Book Of Cool’ May Phase Out Lame Party Tricks

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It sounds funny to say, but someone really wrote the book on being cool.

His name is Fred Rees and he’s created The Book Of Cool (Ocelot), aimed at teaching everything from gun tricks to pen spinning.

The book comes with nine hours of DVD instructional footage and is only available through the site bookofcool.com.

Rees says he asked himself, “Why isn’t there something that teaches people how to do all the cool things people do in movies?” This led to a search for experts who eventually demonstrated 250 tricks, skills and moves for the book.

Experts include “The Fastest Gun Alive,” and while Rees admits, “You’re not really going to have much use for that kind of cool in your normal daily life,” he thinks people will have plenty of other material to work with like breakdancing, pool, and frisbee tricks.

Rees insists “America has the patent on being cool,” which is why he hopes people will contact him with ideas for Vol. 2 of the book, which they’ll start filming this year.

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