Friday, December 23, 2005

Martha Stewart Was A Good Little Girl This Year

JERUSALEM (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Martha Stewart worked hard to find her Apprentice but she worked even harder on herself.

That’s the opinion of author Robert Slater, author of an upcoming book, Martha: On Trial, In Jail And On A Comeback (Prentice Hall).

Slater covered Stewart’s trial for insider trading and says while he doesn’t support her actions – or how she micromanaged her defense – the household guru does deserve praise for how she handled herself once she went to prison.

As he puts it, “At a certain point, she had an epiphany and realized she had done what she called ‘five million stupid things’ to get herself in this mess.”

Slater says unlike 99 percent of people put in her situation, she did the inner work necessary to grow from the experience.

As he puts it, “Most people would say jail is a humiliating experience but she treated it as if it was happening to someone else.”

But while the new Stewart may be kinder and gentler than the old one, some things have stayed the same. He says she still won’t admit guilt and looks forward to being vindicated in appeals court.

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