Monday, November 28, 2005

‘Fartaphone’ The Next Hot New Zealand Export?

WAIKATO, New Zealand (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you thought the best thing to come out of New Zealand was the Lord of The Rings trilogy, you might want to check out a little device called the Fartaphone.

It’s a key chain that doubles as a personal fart recorder, and New Zealander Kieran McHale, the Fartaphone creator, reveals, “It can hold one nine-second recording, which should be enough.”

McHale says the idea for the product came from his girlfriend, who he says, “farts outrageously around the house.”

Though he’s praised her for her talents and even called her his “bottom muse,” McHale admits, “She’s not too happy about being the inspiration for it.”

McHale says the Fartaphone is “quite big in Asia,” especially Japan, where he says, “they have some strange interests.”

He admits he’d love to see the Fartaphone blow up in America, especially because the sound of farts seems to bring people so much joy.

McHale says the parrp! playbacks cause people to double over with laughter, adding, “It’s the usual reaction.”

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