Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Witchcraft Can Help Your Teenager Succeed In College

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – College can be a magical time in life and the best way to ensure academic success may be if the student practices witchcraft.

That’s the spellbinding news from Jason Louv, author of Generation Hex (Disinformation), a book that discusses the growing number of teenage witches introduced into the “craft” by Harry Potter novels.

Louv says magic is a discipline like martial arts and says teens who practice it learn to focus on a task until it’s complete – a skill that pays off big in college.

Kid magicians are also more likely to appreciate history, literature and science.

At first, most teenage witches try superficial spells like making a teacher give them an “A” they don’t deserve or tricking someone into going out with them, but Louv promises, “after a while, the kids will ask themselves what they really want out of it.”

But while there are numerous benefits to having your teen be a witch, Louv warns parents not to push it on them because kids never do anything their parents ask. In his words, “You have to let them discover it themselves.”

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