Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Katrina Displaces Cuisine, Not Just People

DONALDSONVILLE, La. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Boston baked red beans and rice, enchiladas etouffee and Philly Cheese Steak Po- Boy sandwiches?

It sounds like an unusual bill of fare, but experts believe Hurricane Katrina will displace cuisine, not just people.

That’s according to Creole and Cajun chef John Folse, based in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, who says evacuees who’ve been transplanted around the U.S. and decide not to return to New Orleans, will alter their eating habits around the country.

Folse says the same phenomenon happened when transplants from the south of France moved to New Orleans and had to use ingredients they could find.

He says that’s how paella became jambalaya, and similarly, bouillabaisse became gumbo.

Folse says he can see evacuees in America’s heartland substituting round steak for crawfish in their etouffee and cooks in West Texas putting tamales in their jambalaya.

Folse says that’s the “adaptability and extreme creativity of creole cooks.”

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