Thursday, September 15, 2005

Megabats Looking For Love

MELBOURNE (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – An Australian man who is batty for Melbourne’s megabats is hoping to make the image of these critters as creepy bloodsuckers fly away.

Lawrence Pope runs the “Bats About Melbourne” bus tour, taking bat buffs to see the city’s megabats, which manage to be, in his eyes, “very, very cute, like a puppy or kitten” – if you disregard their three-foot wing span.

Unlike Dracula, Pope says megabats are strict vegetarians and contrary to popular belief, “do not get stuck in people’s hair. If you have a bat the size of an umbrella in your hair, you’ve got problems.”

In fact, you’re more likely to witness the megabats mating, which he claims provides hours of entertainment.

That’s because the courtship process involves the male bats sitting on branches “displaying their hardware – their physical assets,” which Pope says “seems to have a mesmerizing effect on some women.”

But the ladybats aren’t always in the mood, and Pope chuckles when he sees the girls use their thumb claws to “give the local Romeo a good clip over the ear if they’re not interested.”

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