Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Puppets Please People Of All Ages

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A twentysomething female ventriloquist is proving that puppet shows are for people of all ages – and she should know.

April Brucker began performing with a Groucho Marx doll at age 13 in nursing homes and says that the senile senior citizens “LOVED him. They thought he was real!”

The Pittsburgh native went on to co-host a children’s show at 15 with Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood star Mr. McFeely, who she describes as “non-descript” without makeup.

Brucker is now trying her act on adults in New York City nightclubs, and uses a range of puppets depending on her audience.

There’s “Ham,” the agoraphobic Shakespearean actor; a shark-obsessed clown puppet named “Sweetie Pie”; and “May,” a sultry, blonde, lipstick- wearing doll who she says is her “bad behaving other half. She tries to humiliate me as much as possible.”

The audience response in nightclubs has been good, and Brucker attributes that to something she learned performing for geriatric crowds. She explains, “The nursing homes taught me you have to hook people right away. If you bore them, they will fall asleep. Seriously.”

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