Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Doctor Recommended: Talk To Strangers

CLEVELAND (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A doctor in Cleveland has some strange parenting advice: Tell your kids to talk to strangers.

Dr. Lee Grotte isn’t kidding around: He says by not talking to strangers, it causes fear, isolation and alienates people.

Dr. Grotte was speaking at a conference on African Medicine last month in New York when he gave the startling prescription and says he could tell people were uncomfortable with the advice.

He bases the recommendation on his nine years studying African medicine and claims that the advantage of tribal styles of medicine is that there is a natural trusting relationship among members.

That’s something Dr. Grotte says he sees less of in the U.S., and the end result is creating a “climate of fear.”

Some may worry that telling children to talk to strangers will put them in harm’s way, but Dr. Grotte says, “Proportionally, very few people you’ll meet are criminals.”

Dr. Grotte’s simple advice is to start by saying “good morning” to people you see on the street, or at the very least, smile and imagine a pleasant greeting.

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