Friday, July 29, 2005

Inventor Claims Space Exploration Is All Wet

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A Russian rocket manufacturer is reportedly offering rides around the moon for $100 million but the concept is all wet according to one undersea explorer.

Inventor Graham Hawkes creates “winged submersibles” capable of traveling 3000 feet underwater and says blowing $100 million on a space flight is ridiculous when he can build a vehicle that can go to the deepest spot of the planet – about seven miles below the surface – for a mere $20 million.

He figures the ocean bottom is livelier than the moon because 94 percent of the world’s life is in the ocean and “...once you get 1000 [feet] below sea level, about 50 percent of the eyeballs belong to unknown species.”

Hawkes says the average person can learn how to pilot one of his vehicles in three days – much less time than astronaut training.

Hawkes’ admits it’s an uphill battle convincing people to look at the ocean instead of the stars.

In his words, “There are more astrobiologists than marine biologists, but those people are looking for something that probably doesn’t exist.”

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