Monday, June 13, 2005

Become A Reality TV Star Through Hypnosis

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Ricky Kalmon can make you believe you’re Donald Trump if you want him to.

Kalmon is a hypnotist whose latest gig is Seeing Stars, a TV Guide channel show where he mesmerizes folks on the streets of L.A. to believe they’re the stars of current TV shows.

For instance, he’s turned guys into The Apprentice star and sent them off to say “You’re Fired” to as many people as possible before breaking the hypnotic trance.

He also had one guy so convinced he was Star Trek star William Shatner that he kept offering autographs to puzzled passers-by.

Other volunteers have been hypnotized to believe they were tightrope walking over a pit of alligators on Fear Factor by stepping on a line of chalk on the sidewalk or that they were an ER doc performing a kidney transplant on a burrito.

While the scenarios may sound embarrassing to the volunteers, Kalmon says there’s a life lesson to be learned.

He says folks who are hypnotized gain a better understanding of the power of suggestion and how it can be used to break bad habits like overeating.

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