Wednesday, May 25, 2005

How Many Bigfoot Babies Were Born This Year?

PORTLAND, Maine (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – How many Bigfoot babies have been born in 2005? A group of Bigfoot buffs hope to figure that out this weekend at a Sasquatch research conference in Bellingham, Washington.

The discussion will be led by cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, who says that if the creature exists, there must be a breeding population.

However, many researchers shy away from studying Bigfoot’s sexuality and mating rituals, despite numerous reports of the creatures walking into human campsites with erect penises or mounting horses and cows on farms.

If those stories are true, Coleman claims they could be signs the creature’s population is dwindling, which may explain reports of human men who have been kidnapped by male Sasquatches and brought to mate with the hairy females.

It’s a big job but Coleman says figuring out the number of Sasquatch offspring will not only help determine the population density of the hairy creature but also whether it’s declining in numbers.

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