Friday, May 20, 2005

Genealogy Website Determines Your Relationship To ‘Star Wars’ Actors

NORTH FORT MEYERS, Fla. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A lot of Star Wars fans hope the force is with them, but they may also be interested in knowing how they’re related to the force.

Genealogists at have put together a special website for fans to enter their family name and see how they are related to the stars of the film.

Troy Dunn, spokesman for says Star Wars “is the second biggest movie about family ancestry.” The first being Roots.

That’s because it follows the lives of Shmi Skywalker, who bore Anakin, who marries Padme, who gives birth to Luke and Leia. The Star Wars novels detail Luke, Leia and Han’s descendants.

It doesn’t end there. Dunn says they researched all the names in their database and found 48 guys named Yoda; 23 Luke Skywalkers; 13 Han Solos; two Obi Wan Kenobis; and one Jaba Hutt (sic) – all living in the U.S.

Dunn figures they’re either massively die-hard fans who changed their names or have “really warped parents.”

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