Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Investigator Offers $100 Grand For Missing Nessie Tooth

MESA, Ariz. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The mystery of the Loch Ness monster may finally be solved – but only if a missing tooth can be found first.

Forensic investigator Bill McDonald is offering $100,000 for the return of a barbed tooth found at Scotland’s Loch Ness that he says was stolen from two American college students who discovered it a few months ago while on spring break.

The students found the tooth in the rib cage of a mutilated deer carcass and dug it out with a screwdriver but their toothy souvenir was taken from them by a man claiming to a “water bailiff.”

McDonald has analyzed photos of the tooth and believes it belongs to an eel-like amphibious creature at least 50-feet long that has been trapped in the lake since the 1930s.

Although he needs the tooth for further research, he says Scottish authorities are refusing to help return it to the students, in part, to “safeguard their tourist trade at the expense of science.”

That’s why he’s offering $100,000 in return for the tooth and will raise the pot further if it gets someone to rat out the tooth thieves so he can sue them in Scottish court.

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